Emocje i uczucia

  • Mann mit verschiedenen Smiley Gesichtern #196864157
  • psychologie #246350984
  • Different emotions drawn on notes, dark background. #182658183
  • Sad Relationship in Couple Concept, Present by depressed wording on Shape of Man and Woman combinated with Old Dry Tree and Rain, Blue Filter Effect #169841495
  • Schild 384 - Gefühl #249069602
  • romantischer Abend am Strand #161942870
  • valentine's day #247189542
  • isolated overturned blue wooden figure in the foreground, other blurred wooden figures in the background, systemic board, family therapie #200729713
  • Handwriting text Managing Emotions. Concept meaning Controlling feelings in oneself Maintain composure. #230566096
  • Fischer kniet auf einem hellleuchtenden langen Steg am Meer und bereitet seine Angel vor #246188435
  • Diagram of cognitive-behavioral therapy #206679321
  • Red Wood Heart Hanging #247856809
  • Weekly work emotion #104623368
  • Broken red hearts on black wooden table #243344161
  • Silhouette of the heart of  gesture of hands #101548073
  • Steinherz in Wellen aus Sand #145365912
  • friendship and fellowship at work, business people #240526648
  • Word love on board as symbol of Valentines Day #247903352
  • célébrons le 14 février #245122555
  • Fear is nothing more than a state of mind #184742408
  • Never let your emotions to overpower your intelligence #245682040
  • happiness #248648702
  • Young woman's hand with perfect Coral manicure. #247583608
  • egg with a sad painted face in a fist, looks up, emotions on the egg, white background #246578535
  • Depresyon #40526083
  • The young man and woman walking in the forest photographed from the behind. #244731138
  • Female hand grasping white crumpled bed sheet #245705069
  • Tasty Fried Egg in the Shape of a Heart Served on a White Plate with Bacon Tomato Basil Pepper Gray Background Valentine Day Breakfast #243554828
  • lovers hugging,watching landscapes together #246481272
  • two men hold their little fingers and make peace d s #244243887
  • Love neon sign #193027499
  • Wedding ceremony or engagement concept. Wedding rings exchange. Groom and bride put on bridal rings. #195857809
  • 赤いハートを持っている手 木目のテーブル #188898800
  • Small red heart in jeans pocket #247430431
  • Word Empathy Handwritten With Blue Marker #243014211
  • Pink heart surrounded with white gypsophila and pink carnations on wooden background, top view. Spring romantic greeting card. #248800156
  • Love word on necklace beads in red jewelry box #244001972
  • Love or Hate Choice Concept with Directions #193340236
  • Hand sign orgasm of woman on white bed , Hand of female pulling white sheets in ecstasy, feeling and emotion concept #198933701
  • Beautiful decorative hearts on wooden background. Valentine's day. mother's day. I love you! #242679055
  • Scenery of the cloud spreading in the sky #246576318
  • Monster #246391727
  • Background of two large velvet burgundy and many small silk red hearts in a frame. Decorative hearts for Valentine's day or Wedding. #245819459
  • SONY DSC #244379452
  • boite en forme de cœur rouge ,symbole ,cadeau de st valentin #244830048
  • concept of Different emotions drawn on colorfull cubes, wooden background. #239053424
  • Des cœurs en tissu pendent le long du conduit de cheminée #245302075
  • Concept of different emotions of diverse people. Emoji on open and empty aluminium cans. Small can in foreground Emoticons on black background #246483080
  • Follow your dreams and freedom concept. Metaphorical ethereal background. #229041350
  • Finger art of a Happy couple. A man and a woman hug #71624720
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